Seneca Hose Introduces New Duty Shift Program!
October 24, 2023

Seneca Hose Company #1 is proud to introduce a Duty Shift Hours Pilot Program!!
What does this mean? Seneca Hose now is accepting applications for those interested in joining as a Duty Shift Member with a Go Live Date of January 1st, 2024.

Due to an increased demand on human resources in Emergency Services nationally, Seneca Hose is implementing a Duty Shift Pilot Program to ensure that a work-life balance for members may be achieved while attempting to improve rapid and safe response to 911 emergencies.

Objectives of the Duty Shift Program:
- Improve response times to incidents by having trained members at the fire station available and ready to respond.
- Improve retention of current membership by offering a workable schedule program.
- Recruit new members to Seneca Hose Company 1 and West Seneca Fire District #5
- Increased training opportunities for the membership.

Duty Shift members will be required to do a minimum of 288 hours annually (Minimum 16 hours per month, Maximum 36 hours per month)

Please visit for all Duty Shift Program requirements.

Attachment SH Duty Shift Program.pdf  (277k)