Fast Defibrillation and CPR: A Lifesaver!
February 8, 2024

Recently, Seneca Hose and Winchester were alerted to an unresponsive individual at a local fitness facility. Seneca Hose firefighters were preparing to begin a Duty Shift and were on scene, rendering patient care, within 3 minutes of the call being received by West Seneca Dispatchers.

CPR was initiated by a bystander and an AED was used by Seneca Hose to successfully deliver one shock to the patient. Seneca Hose also applied our Lucas CPR device and the patient regained pulses and began breathing on their own while on scene.

🔹 Timely CPR and Defibrillation saves lives!

🔹 Staffed fire stations and Duty Shifts make a difference!

🔹 We want you to join our Duty Shifts! If uou are looking for more in training, equipment, or a change of scenery, visit under the become a member tab to learn how to join our team!